de.code/re.code is an introspective card game that aims to helps its players reinforce connections and tap into unexplored levels of vulnerability and self-acceptance. Many individuals struggle in putting their feelings into words and tend to cluster their emotions into larger, more black or white categories such as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. In reality, human emotions often oscillate between two ends of a spectrum or even sit outside of it.

Curated to spark engaging, balanced and meaningful conversation, its bank of questions is based on a taxonomy of basic emotions. Aiming to serve as a tool of temporal manipulation, the game guides the Players across time and space and through an exploration of their inner environments.

Yasmine Rajab

︎ re.veils
A multidisciplinary designer with an interest in art and psychology and a background in Interior and Graphic design. My projects often revolve around curating experiences that aid the mind and the body in navigating everyday life.

Monday Nov 5 2018