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In contemporary society, various unwritten social rules form an invisible prison, using shame to induce endless self-regulation. However, social rules built on the life patterns of elite classes increase the cost of communication and cooperation between different classes. Also, he stress and anxiety caused by shame are widespread among everyone in society, even the rule-makers themselves. By holding workshops, I explore the rationality of current rules and collecting things that could trigger a sense of shame. A book has been produced as the result of the workshops and other theoretical research.

For further dissemination and communication, I designed a virtual restaurant that helps people cover up behaviours or things that are not accepted by social rules, which visualises people's self-regulatory behaviours as consumption in the restaurant. I posed a question to the audience: how could we keep the balance between fitting into the collective and maintaining individuality?

Suyun Wu

︎ suyunwu0812@gmail.com
︎ s.uwuu 
︎ https://www.suyun-wu.com/
I am a graphic designer and visual artist from China, currently based in London. Usually, I use video, branding, typography, and publication design to build my visual systems.

When I was eight years old, I told my mum confidently that she would be a famous writer's mother. Sorry mum, maybe you still have to wait a bit longer?

However, influenced by my childhood love of writing, I am intereste in poetic storytelling and metaphor. In the creative process, I tend to create critical narratives based on communication with the audience and combining them with graphic design. Using my work to show audiences things that they have not yet noticed.

Monday Nov 5 2018