Virtual Crimes Archive

Due to the rapid development of metaverse and VR, cyberspace-based virtual crimes has also started to emerge, and is expected to reach its peak in 10 years with the development of metaverse. The virtual crime archive is a record of different types of virtual crimes that occurred from 2030 to 2035 from the police's perspective.

The specifics of each case include victims’ information, clues and the process of solving the crime, as well as the outcome and impact of the case. I designed the speculative website from the perspective of the narrator and the fictionalizer.

With this project, I hope to demonstrate the possibility of virtual crimes prevailing in the future, and at the same time, I hope to explore new connections between the instinct, ego, and superego in a new context, and further explore the dangers of the loss of subjectivity for the individual. 

Jie Lu

︎ llucas_mercury
Physiological gender: male. isfp.

urrently based in London. A graphic designer. Former pharmaceutical engineering student. A beginner in semiotics and phenomenology. An amateur fitness trainer. A photographer by intuition. A procrastinator. A bewildered seeker of knowledge.

Monday Nov 5 2018