Second Skin

Baudrillard states that visible clothing, jewellery or make-up envelop the human body like a ‘second skin’. There is a freeing of an individual to establish identity through involvement in consumer cultures, so we could see ‘second skin’ as objects with embodied personal consciousness in an ultimate goal that one’s full realisation is lying in the endless construction of the social self. If it becomes possible and open to construct ourselves, then it also becomes possible to reconstruct or construct diverse selves.

This project wants to ask with the ultimate goal of self-realisation in endless consumption, how do people maintain a sense of stability and continuity across time and space?


Yixin (Echo) Cai is a graphic designer who lives in London and am based in Chengdu/Beijing back to China.

After gaining a bachelor's degree in Industrial Design, she decided to dive into the graphic communication area and conduct more self-motivated work during her MA studies at UAL.

Messing up and keeping trying new things are difficult to handle but easy is boring.

Monday Nov 5 2018