Jewellery Expressions

This project explores how jewellery can be a tool of communication and expression. Its foundations lie on the publication Jewellery Stories which collects various experiences and memories people have attached to their pieces of jewellery. The publication also provides the opportunity for the reader to respond to these stories in its gatefolds.

Jewellery Expressions extends this concept further by conducting an interactive exchange of these stories through the medium of postcards which provide the opportunity to make their jewellery’s communication tactile. They can also tear the perforations in the postcard and make paper jewellery, using the instructions, as a memory of their submission. My hope is to start a chain reaction of similar cathartic experiences.

Interactive Prints  |  Online Interaction (Website)

Publication that collects jewelleries and the stories behind them

Postcards that extend the concept of the publication
and attached are instructions to make paper jewellery out of them

They are bound to the instruction with small pieces of jewelleries.

Write your message at the back of the postcard and leave your mark by tearing out a part of it.

The types of paper jewelleries that can be from the postcards.

Shriya Sant

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Hi! My name is Shriya Sant and I am a graphic designer based in London. I find graphic design to be the overlap between art and psychology and both of those subjects are very dear to me. I have moved around a bit in life and as a result, I love exploring different cultures, lifestyles and beliefs. I try to make these experiences a part of my practice in my own way. There is diversity in them but they are all part of the human experience which also unites them. This understanding fuels my creativity.

Monday Nov 5 2018