Calen-Trans: The Present 2022

The Present is a sustainable project initiated by Calen-Trans that seeks to salvage and protect the visibility of the transgender community in China.

The project intervenes and captures the hidden emotional historical narrative of the community through multiple perspectives, retold and publicly archived in a multimedia output based on a perpetual calendar and delivered as a ‘present’.

Participants are encouraged to re-examine the complex relationship between the group’s identity/family/power in a severe social context through a series of subtle, non-linear retrospective narratives in the ‘presents’.

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William Liu

︎ william_is_william
I am William Liu, a graphic designer based in London.

From an urban designer to a visual designer, from Canton to London, from a hobby to a profession. Enjoying the unpredictable, challenging the norm and not settling for the ordinary.

Monday Nov 5 2018