Bamboo Weaving Inheritor

Today's preservation programs for intangible cultural heritage (ICH) are still limited to the remembrance and veneration of traditions, but this approach does not effectively preserve intangible cultural heritage. The reproducibility of ICH is based on the fact that people can keep passing it on, so I further explore the relationship between people and ICH from the perspective of passing it on. I have been trying to combine my purpose with audience interaction through interactive design, so that people can transform from the role of audience to inheritor. On one hand, this helps to increase people's participation in intangible cultural heritage. On the other hand, it tries to break the original structure and function of ICH so that it can fit in our modern artistic life. As there are so many intangible cultural heritages, I have chosen to focus on bamboo weaving, which I know well, as my main target.

A graphic designer. Exploring possibilities with other fields through graphic design. base in Shanghai.

Monday Nov 5 2018